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I recently purchased the 2XUltra Tide and am very disappointed with the terrible smell. It smells like rotten eggs.

I have been purchasing Tide products for over 40 years and have never encountered anything with such a horrible smell. It states on label that it has the original scent but nothing I have ever used smelled as bad as this product. Whatever ingredients are in the product to remove stains is definitely not worth the smell. I have to keep the door closed on the laundry room to alleviate all other rooms being permeated by this pungent smell.

Tide 2XUltra is a horrible product.

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I TOTALLY agree with you. I couldn't find the granular Tide so I purchased Tide blue liquid.

Everything in my home now smells like you said "rotten eggs". I have also used Tide for over 40 years as did my mother before me. I will certainly dump this bottle and purchase another brand.

I don't need this pungent smell. Leave a good product alone.

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