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On sunday march 10 2013 i purchased 96 loads of gain liquid laundry detergent..My 17month old daughter was able to twist off the black cap that makes the flow quicker. she swallowed some detergent and was rushed to the nearest Emergency room.The physician stated she did not ingest enough to harm her..There needs to be a safety seal or screw that prevents this from happing again!!

I expect a follow up to this complain ASAP Via email or phone contact. 859-494-7265. I hope that you take into consideration that i'm a loyal consumer to this product for over 15 years

Monetary Loss: $15.

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or you could watch your own child and not put the blame entirely on the product manufacturer. In the end, it was really your negligence that caused harm to your child. A 17 month old child should not be able to reach laundry detergent...

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #624190

Fox, I couldn't have said it better.


You understand this website is somewhere for people to *** and get steam off, while getting a wind for other bad experiences so history doesn't repeat itself? Pissed consumer isn't going to contact you about anything, because that's not what this website is for.

You need to contact the company to change their product, not an entertainment site. Nice that everyone knows your name, email and phone number now.

I think more importantly though, you should supervise your kid. And she's not "17 months." She's A year and five months.

I should know, I'm 369 months old. No wait, that doesn't sound right at all, does it.

to Fox Lexington, Kentucky, United States #624309

Like i stated in my complaint there needs to be a child proof seal. Furthermore as far as me supervising my child that's not the issue.children will be children and you can not have your eye on thenm every second of the day.

Needless to explain myself of how the situation came about. But thanks for the concern(if that's what it was) the subject of the matter is there needs to be child proof seal on that laundry detergent!!!!

and i stand corrected one year and 5 months....tomatoes tomatas... and since you know so much about this website i will let you make that complaint for me to the company....FOX

to terrilynn106 #979521

It's your job to take care of your kid, not a random companies. It's a cleaning product, next to no other cleaning products have child safety seals on them either, don't put deadly chemicals in a place your child could reach them.

Do you leave knives out on the floor where your children can reach them? Or your toaster plugged in on the floor?

No you don't because you know they're dangerous, you aren't going to call knife manufacturers and have them put child safety guards on all of them are you? I feel sorry for your child and your *** parenting skills.

to terrilynn106 #1056757

They have pretty awesome cupboard childproof locks. The locks are found in the child safety aisle of most every Walmart.

And fox has a valid point about posting your phone number and email on one of these sights. Maybe one day someone will call tou and you'll understand why

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