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Your battery operated toothbrushes dont work with the brushes supplied. The friction inside the brush head is to big for the motor to drive. Add comment

The last two cans I purchased of Febreze, one unstoppable & other just regular scent gave me trouble with the nozzle, after using about half the can. The nozzle sticks in spray position after letting go. I have to manuelly pop the trigger back out. It's very annoying. I can be reached at: Add comment

I have used Downy for 30 plus years, but as of today I will never use it again. Just purchased a new bottle only to find it has changed its formula and scent, the whole family hate the smell and I had to rewash everything to get rid of that strong horrible smell. Why do you need to ruin a good thing. Also not a fan of all Tide liquid being High Efficiency, I do not have a High Efficiency... Read more

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The product has changed completely. The product changes make it a totally inferior product that we will never buy again. We always paid more even at Costco but thought it was a better product. Now it is inferior to any other brand. You have destroyed a quality brand overnight. Corporate greed is such a foolish and ultimately disastrous decision. Former loyal customers Add comment

I had a sinus attack tonight and went to buy some ClearQuil sinus medicine. I needed the nighttime formula for relief and sleep. The package is divided between daytime and nighttime dosages, however there are 16 daytime liquid caps and only 8 nighttime liquid caps. I REALLY would appreciate if Proctor & Gamble will EVENLY divide the liquid gelcaps. There were so MANY other daytime sinus... Read more

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I have been using Mr Clean all my life, I am doing fall house cleaning, ran out of 5th large 1.2 bottle and went to get more at walmart, all they had was Mr clean with Febreze, what a waste of money, have to use a way more to do the job that the multi purpose lemon one does. Waste of money and will not buy Mr Clean again if they are going to take and market Febreze in it. Mr Clean has been around... Read more

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I get pissed off at dawn how they water it down. It says dawn is the best but when it`s watered down you have to use twice as much. And the suds don`t stay lnog. It don`t get the grease off like it says it does. To me that`s false advertizement. I just get tired of the way they do. I am on a fixed income. I`m disable and I ry to buy enough to last me all month. The charmin I bought the had the... Read more

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Never resolved never heard from business Add comment

Hello I had Ben using tide pods for over a year on 10/2 I purchased a bag they was all melted on bottom of bag I was able to save 10 out of 40 but I notice wen I put pod in with cloths the pod ended up on my cloths Add comment

Are you aware that TLC and Nancy Daniels is putting on a series of specials during the Duggars I find this group Reprehensible and I will no longer buy your products if you sponsor this series Add comment

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